April 22, 2014

A little known fact…

I don't like sleeping.  I don't like naps, and I honestly find sleep to be a waste of time.  Part of the reason why I usually don't go to sleep until 10:30pm, when I know I could/should be in bed before 9:30, is because I feel like there's better things to do aside from sleeping.  Reading, watching t.v., writing a blog post, pilates, cleaning, grading papers…just about anything is more appealing to me.  This is why I wake up exhausted at 5:30am.

Aside from all that, I really do sleep well.  The last time I remember having trouble sleeping was in the summer of 2012, when Scott was deployed and I had nothing to do all day/night and the Midnight Sun was up.

The only time  you'll ever find me taking a nap is if I'm in a (legal) drug-induced sleep.

Over the weekend, I was all itchy.  I'm not sure what the problem was/is.  An allergic reaction maybe?  Seasonal allergies?  Super dry skin?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But finally, I decided to take a Benedryl on Saturday night and was asleep within the hour.  On Sunday morning, I didn't want to get up, and then still felt the effects of that Benedryl all day long.

I ended up taking a nap and I hate taking naps.  This is especially bothersome on the weekends because  I feel like I'm wasting time I could be spent enjoying life if I take a nap.

This past weekend, I feel like I accomplished a lot until I succumbed to the itchiness and took a Benedryl.  So that means I accomplished a lot of Saturday.  Friday was a rough day, but I did 30 minutes of yoga before bed on Friday night and woke up feeling much better on Saturday. I went to the post office, the grocery store x2, I got a pedicure, and then I went fishing with Scott.  The gnats were awful.  They didn't bother the dog.  He spent the evening swimming.  I spent the evening swatting gnats and scratching, which led to the Benedryl.

It's Tuesday, and I'm still itchy.

It may be a long week.

April 20, 2014

Leftover-Easter-Candy Rice Krispy Treats

I actually bought little to no Easter candy this year.

I didn't really see the need because we don't do Easter baskets.  We're adults.  We buy candy whenever we want.  Case in point: We have made our way through approximately half a dozen bags of carrot cake M&Ms in the last month.  These things…I just don't have the ability to stop eating them.  

Since I wasn't going to make a whole fancy dessert to go with our super fancy (no) Easter dinner of chicken, sugar snap peas, and corn on the cob, I decided to just chop up the remnants of the (currently open) bag and put together my treat of choice.  

I like that you can do this with ANY leftover candy.  I'm assuming you have extra bags or baskets of candy laying around; Whoppers/Robin Eggs, Mini Cadbury eggs, chop up Reeses' eggs, or even chop up your chocolate bunnies!  It'll all work!  
And then take the tray of Rice Krispy treats to work and leave them in the lounge or break room.  I'd do that, but that doesn't happen here.  I recommend it though, if you're using this as a way to get candy out of your visual path.

Leftover-Easter-Candy Rice Krispy Treats
makes a 8x8 or 9x13 pan

1 cup chopped Easter candy (I used M&Ms)
1/2 cup sweetened coconut (because I had it in the cupboard)
1 10-oz bag mini marshmallows
4 T. butter
1 t. vanilla
6 cups Rice Krispy cereal

In a large saucepan, melt the butter.  Stir in the, coconut, vanilla, and mini marshmallows. 
Mix well until the marshmallows have melted. 

Fold in the cereal until it's all covered with the marshmallow mixture.  Remove from heat.

Fold in the candy at this point so it doesn't melt.

Spread into an 8x8 pan for thick bars or a 9x13 pan for thinner ones.

April 18, 2014

Another little Brittany

We pick up our new dog next week.  Actually, I shouldn't say "new" dog.  Our other dog.  Scout's buddy.  We care so much about our dear Brittany's well-being that we decided he needed a friend to make him more well-rounded.

This dog is coming from a French Brittany breeder who regularly wins world championships.  In fact, we have a really small window of time in which to pick up this dog.  The breeder is heading to France the day after and won't be back for a few weeks.  *EDIT:  This all leads me to believe that Scott's new pastime is investing in dogs the way many people invest in old cars or fancy shoes. We all need a hobby, right?*

He'll be 7 weeks old when we get him.  He still doesn't have a name.  According to French Brittany naming law (essentially what it is), his name must start with a "J" because he was born in 2014.  Any ideas?

Originally, I insisted on a "as all orange as possible" one.  Scott wanted a tricolor.  French Brittanys, unlike American ones, come in different colors.  Scott relented and put a deposit on an orange one.  You have to understand that these dogs are bought and paid for the second they're born and the breeder knows how many are in the litter.  We bought Scout when he was a week old and picked him up a month and a half later.

Scott got an email last night saying the list had shifted and we'd be getting a tricolor.  That means that someone higher on the list than us decided they wanted an orange one.  I don't know where we are on the list but there's 7 in the litter and the males go the quickest.

The breeder said he'll be an excellent dog.  Well, hey, that's okay.  In fact, I hate making decisions and was very stressed out over the fact that I had to "pick" Scout last year.  He was known at the time as "Katie Boy 2" and I just chose him because "Katie Boy 1" was already taken and 2 comes after 1.  That's why we didn't get "Katie Boy 3".

So we went to the website and looked up our dog.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he's the runt.   You can watch the video here.

Also, if we don't get him out of there soon, his brothers might eat him.

I wrote before about Scout being the runt and how that's been okay with us because runts are often the best hunters.  I'm pretty sure this sweet little pup might give Scout a run for his money though.  Don't you just want to smother him with cuddles?

Also, still no name for this dog.  Any suggestions?  We have one that doesn't start with a "J" in mind, but a J-name has to go on his paperwork.


April 17, 2014

Stuff and Things. 4/17

Things I'm loving edition…

Sweet friends sent us a care package from Pennsylvania.  

The kids at school get them for breakfast and never seem to want them, so I collect a lot of pears.  They're amazing and I can't believe I've wasted so much time trying to like apples.

The Heat.
Such a funny movie.  We've watched it twice in the last few weeks.

Nautical things.

Scott thinks it means I wish he was in the Navy.  No.  I think it's related back to my crush on Captain Hook.  Also, nautical colors.  Teal, navy, and cream are my cup of tea.

Speaking of…there was storm coverage during Once Upon a Time on Sunday.  Like, during ALL of it.  Where can I watch it?  (I have trouble solving simple 1st world problems.)

Killing Kennedy.  LOVING this book.  If you like U.S. history, it's imperative that you read it.  The movie cannot be found on Netflix.  Any advice where I can watch it?  (Again, the 1st world thing…)
Actually, there's lots of books that I've been loving lately, but you'll have to wait for April to be over to hear about them.  Keep biting your nails in anticipation.

I so appreciate all of you who are reading this.  Yesterday's post was based on advice that a friend gently pounded into me this week.  Can you relate?  I know that my job makes a difference in this world.  I've never been more sure about that than I am after this particular school year.  However, I spend so much of the week feeling like crap.  When I finally feel better again, it's Sunday afternoon and the vicious cycle continues.  (Why wasn't it like this for the last 3 years?  I can't figure it out!)
1 1/2 more months….

April 15, 2014


Sometimes I think that I tend to minimalize what I do.  I act like, "Oh, school's school.  It's what I do..it's not really a big deal".  But it is a big deal.
When I made the vow to become an army wife, teaching definitely became second on my list of priorities.  It became second not because I didn't want a career, but because we were moving around; finding reputable work isn't easy!

Especially during deployment cycles, I tended to minimalize my job.  "Of course I can take block leave…it's only 2 weeks.  I'll just do unpaid leave and that's that."  And I did.  Twice. And it took me a month to plan for 2 weeks off each time.  But I never made a big deal about it because Scott and our time together took precedence when the army was involved.

So, now, when the conversation comes up with family and friends, my job doesn't always appear to be *that* hard.

The truth is that it's really hard.  I mean, REALLY hard.  You saw my day-in-the-life post a few months ago.  I never actually get to stop.

I suppose the point of all this is that I need to start being easier on myself.  Truth: I don't do physical labor.  Truth: I don't have an hour commute to work.  Truth: I don't commit to extra-curricular activities at school.  There's no need for that.  But truth: I work really hard.

I often feel like I complain about work a LOT.  Like, a lot-a lot.  Scott has, most of the time, worked much harder than me at his job.  Therefore, it's really unfair to complain to him about work being hard.  He's spent the better part of 4 years working 12-15 hour days. However…my job is physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing.  It's also all I've ever known, unless you want to count bartending. So I'm used to it.

I'm starting to really feel the stress and the crunch of the end of this year.  I've never felt this before. In Alaska, the end of the year was always exciting, enjoyable, and I always powered through, often printing/copying my 1st week of school materials by the end of May, so I'd have them ready to go on my desk in August.  I was die-hard.  And you know, I always believed that teachers made an honest living, but I've also heard an awful lot of people say they make too much money.  That they don't work hard enough.  That it "must be nice" to be a teacher.  Sure, it's nice.  Most of the time.  Just like your job, random commenter, is probably "nice" too.  It pays the bills after all.  Most of them.

I'm trying to eat healthy, exercise, and spend appropriate time with friends because, really now, we are leaving this place in 2 months.  The physical symptoms of stress are present at this point. I've also been trying to keep the house clean and reading voraciously; both books and blogs (Have I read your blog? Yes.  Have I commented?  Probably not.)

It's a fascinating balancing act and I'm failing miserably.  I can say for certain that this transition year in Missouri has been harder on me than I thought it would be.

I suppose the point is: Don't let yourself tell yourself that you don't work hard.  The more you do that, the more you might start to believe it.

(I thought maybe one of those "Comparison is the thief of joy" quotes would fit in well here.  Then I thought that I don't want to compare myself to other blogs.  A dog picture is always appropriate.)